sound & soundinstallations
The main focus of the works with sound is to use sound as a s p a t i a l  p l a s t i c  m e d i u m
   within specific spaces and situations in the public realm. Sound forms an integral part of the
     l e g i b i l i t y  o f  a  s p a c e.. The (anticipated) bond or link between specific sounds and specific spaces is set in many cases;
         i.e. it is expected that a cuckoo-clock will sound the call of a cuckoo, or likewise that a mountain pasture in Switzerland
            will be filled with the sound of cowbells.

                                            The works with sound scrutinise such associations, often by exposing public spaces to foreign or non-local sounds,
                                       either through mobile or fixed mounted speaker systems.
                                  There are different strategies that are applied for working with sound in the public realm:
                            The creation of a specific sound atmosphere. Making audible a vast archive of sound recordings enables the
                      synthesis of fantastically sounding situations, i.e. by combining sounds from different cultures.
                 And/or the intervention is based on interactivity: a speaker system reacts
           to an audience or to a specific situation occurring, either through infrared or motion detection.