sasprojects 02
titel: „sasprojects van“ Peter Hofer and Simon Kennedy take part in the group exhibition ’Les Merveilles du Monde’.
exhibition place: ’Les Merveilles du Monde’, Museum for Contemporary Art, Dunkirque, France
year: 2005
material: vehicle, loudspeaker-system, recording and editing equipment
function: Sas-van exposes the city to sound. Sounds played are: an English festival atmosphere recorded in Clissold Park, London, June 2005, Lunch-break of a French kindergarten in Dunkirque, sound of the bow wave of the Dover - Calais ferry.
The sasprojects-van is situated in the museum garden for the duration of one week.
A clay and plaster workshop for children and grown-ups is offered parallel to the sound playback. Simple relief-imprinting techniques are used to visualise the process of recording.
A slab of clay, pressed onto the surface of an object, will record the structure of its surface, similar to the way a microphone and recording device record the structure of sound. Once a positive cast is made from this clay-imprint, you get a facsimile copy of that surface, which is equal in its basic principle to that of a sound recording.
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