sasprojects 01
title: „sasprojects van“
exhibition place: Stoke Fest, Clissold Park, Hackney, London
year: 2005
material: vehicle, loudspeaker-system, recording and editing equipment
function: Sasprojects invites two guest artists to use the sasprojects-van during the 2-day festival. Duncan Whitely, a sound artist from London, and Andrew Cummins, a musician from New Zealand use this platform.
The group sasprojects is founded in March 2005 by Peter Hofer and Simon Kennedy. The sasprojects vehicle, a Renault Master van, is equipped with a PA system, sound recording and editing equipment.
The sas in sasprojects is an acronym for Sound Animated Spaces. However, it may also be read as alluding to the clandestine nature of operations of the British military group SAS.
Focus of the work of sasprojects is to identify and utilise sound as a spatial and plastic medium. The placement of sonic objects into the public realm, and the collaboration between artists in using such sonic objects, is a central aim of the work of sasprojects.
sasprojects attempts to discover and describe interconnections and interactions between sound and space/place.
The group’s aim is to stimulate a discourse on sound and space through recording and playback of place-specific, culture-specific and situation-specific sounds.
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